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How to Use AI Chatbots for Book Marketing

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

If you’re an author preparing to market your book, you may wonder which tools are available to make your work easier. In November 2022, OpenAI launched the first artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot of its kind, ChatGPT, which can engage in natural conversations with users. If you need marketing material to promote your book, you can use AI chatbots to craft original e-mails, blog posts, and social media captions. In this post, I’ll discuss what an AI chatbot is, explain how to use AI chatbots for book marketing, and highlight the benefits and setbacks of using these tools.

How to Use AI Chatbots for Book Marketing

What is an AI chatbot?

An AI chatbot is a computer program that uses artificial intelligence technologies, such as natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML), to conduct conversations with users in natural language. Most chatbot services are free to use and you can access them from a computer, tablet, and phone with an Internet connection. Here are some popular AI chat services you can use:

How to use AI chatbots for book marketing

If you’re an author wondering how to use AI chatbots for book marketing, know that using these services can save you time and increase efficiency. For example, instead of taking a few hours to write a lengthy blog post, you can quickly draft an outline or provide the AI chatbot with specific information (see images below), which the AI chatbot uses to draft the entire post for you. Here are some additional book marketing tasks for which you can use AI chatbots:

  • writing social media captions

  • writing emails for a newsletter

  • writing copy for advertising

  • writing scripts for videos

  • answering questions you have about publishing and marketing

  • providing content ideas for social media

Peruse the following screen grabs to discover the information you must provide to the AI chatbot so it can craft an original email, blog post, or social media caption:

Benefits of using AI chatbots for book marketing

Consider AI chatbots as tools that you can use to save time, which you can then dedicate to other activities. When you use these services, the chatbot is intelligent enough to use the correct formatting for various outlets. For example, the chatbot will format your ad copy differently from your email copy. AI chatbots are also helpful for finding specific information that you’re seeking. For example, here’s a question I asked ChatGPT with the response I received:

Setbacks of using AI chatbots for book marketing

While AI chatbots can provide you with content quickly, know that the copy they create can lack the humanity that your audience is likely seeking from you as an author. Establishing a connection with your target audience is a pivotal part of being a successful author, especially if you write non-fiction books. If you rely on AI chatbots to create your marketing content, it’s likely it may lack your unique voice to motivate a potential reader to check out your work. This shouldn't deter you from using AI chatbots, but be prepared to edit the copy to add your unique voice to the content.

So, should you use AI chatbots for book marketing?

There is controversy around whether authors should use AI chatbots to write their marketing content, but as long as you’re using it ethically it can be a helpful tool. Like most tools, you shouldn’t rely on AI chatbots to provide you with ready-to-post content. Instead, I recommend using these services to build a foundation to which you can add your unique voice and personality. Essentially, let the chatbot perform the initial draft and then edit, edit, edit!

So, when isn’t it okay to use AI chatbots for book marketing? If you claim to be an expert on a subject, but in reality are using AI for your content and ideas, it may be misleading to your audience. Use these tools to help you craft messaging to tell your story, not give people a false idea of who you claim to be.

Whether you’re in the midst of the writing process or have already finished your book, now is the perfect time to consider a marketing strategy. To help you get started, I’m offering a FREE download of my guide, 10 Things You Need For A Successful Book Launch. This valuable resource is packed with expert tips and strategies to empower you to craft an effective book launch and connect with a larger audience of eager readers.

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