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6 Tech Tools for Authors

Technology can be intimidating. I get that. But it can also be really, really helpful when marketing your book. Tech platforms can save you time, give you ideas and templates, and allow you to stay on top of your marketing game. And if you've managed to write an entire book, I know you have it in you to learn to use a few simple platforms to market it. So, as we usher in a new year, I'd like to officially welcome you to your tech era by sharing some simple tech tools for authors that you can start using today:

6 Tech Tools for Authors

Tech tools for authors 

Here are six tech tools for authors you can use to market your book, get it in front of the right audience, and hopefully move more copies:

Forget about the other New Year's resolution you had in mind and instead, resolve to start using Canva. Canva is a user-friendly graphic design platform with customizable templates and tools you can use. Use this platform to create scroll-stopping marketing materials, such as social media posts or banners to promote your book without having advanced design skills. They even have a free plan you can play around with to build up your confidence before committing to Canva Pro, which is only $119/year and offers a lot of excellent features, including:

  • Brand Kit to add your logo and brand colors for easy use

  • Downloadable .png files with transparent backgrounds

  • Magic Switch, to easily resize existing designs so you can create without starting from scratch

  • Access to pre-made templates for just about any design

  • Access to a ton of stock photos and videos

If you’re using social media to market your book, I urge you to check out Buffer. You can use Buffer to plan and schedule book-related posts in advance. This tool can help you achieve consistency and expand your reach in your social media marketing plan, which is crucial to connecting with your audience and moving more copies. You may also use Buffer to optimize your posting schedule and analyze engagement. Also, they have a great free plan, which allows you to: 

  • Connect 3 social media channels (I.e. Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn)

  • Schedule up to 10 posts at a time for each channel

  • Use their integrated AI Assistant to generate new posts or repurpose old ones 

  • Access their pool of post ideas

A recent study shows that 92% of people view videos with the sound off on mobile, and 80% of consumers are more likely to watch an entire video when captions are available. So, the lesson learned today: caption your videos! While it’s currently only available as an iOS app, Captions makes this process easy. You can use it for free at first, but you'll need to eventually pay $65/year to access these helpful features: 

  • Customizable designs that include your brand colors

  • AI-powered captions and video scripts

  • In-app teleprompter so you can record your videos while reading your script

MailerLite is an email marketing platform that you can use to build a mailing list, engage with readers through newsletters, and promote your book by delivering targeted and visually appealing email content. Before using this platform, make sure you have access to an email address that's connected to a domain (aka a non-gmail address) to avoid spam issues, such as Here is why I recommend MailerLite to the authors I work with: 

  • Their free plan includes the features you need to be using (like sign-up forms and automation capabilities)

  • You can use the free plan until you reach 1000 subscribers, which is great if you are just starting out or have a small following

  • The interface is easy to use, with drag-and-drop templates available 

If you don't think you have time to create content for social media or email or to try and "figure out" marketing, Book Blaster is your solution. This platform utilizes AI to provide authors with marketing plans and materials to promote their books and expand their reach. All you have to do is upload your book details into Book Blaster, and the AI-powered platform will provide you with:

  • Landing pages with book info and the ability to add email sign ups

  • Social media and email copy

  • Marketing plans

  • Shareable images and book trailers

  • Ad generation

DISCOUNT: Plans start as low as $57/mo, but you can use the code bookrockstar for a discount at checkout, making the lowest plan just $40/mo! 

If you're promoting your book or self-publishing on Amazon, I recommend using Publisher Rocket to get your book in front of more potential readers on the retailer website without spending extra time on marketing. You can download the software for a one-time fee of $97, which includes free updates. Using this tool, you'll learn data regarding:

  • Keywords: learn how popular and/or competitive relevant keywords/search terms are

  • Categories: access a full list of available categories and get a sense of how competitive your relevant categories are

  • Amazon ad keywords and product targets: get a list of relevant keywords and ASINs that you can use in an Amazon ad campaign


With a new year underway, I challenge you, reader, to try at least one of these tech tools. You may encounter a small learning curve, but ultimately, these tools can save you precious time, help you create exceptional content, and reach more readers with your book and message. And remember, if you ever need help using these platforms, how-to guides are just a Google search away. Good luck, future techie.

Whether you’re in the midst of the writing process or have already finished your book, now is the perfect time to consider a marketing strategy. To help you get started, I’m offering a FREE download of my guide, 10 Things You Need For A Successful Book Launch. This valuable resource is packed with expert tips and strategies to empower you to craft an effective book launch and connect with a larger audience of eager readers.

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