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What Is Bookthreads and How Can Authors Use It?

There has been a lot of excitement around a specific sub-topic within Threads called Bookthreads. If you’re an author wondering what the heck this means, you’ve landed on the right blog post. I’m here to simplify this topic so you can add this platform to your author’s arsenal. In this blog, I’ll answer these questions that will leave you with a sense of clarity and confidence: 

what is bookthreads and how can authors use it

What is Threads? 

Threads is an app from Instagram with a similar concept to X (Twitter). It’s a place for viewing and sharing public conversations. In Threads, you can post, reply to others, and follow accounts that interest you. You can reply using a limited amount of text, links, photos, and videos. 

What is Bookthreads?

Bookthreads is a sub-topic or sub-group within the Threads app. Like all social media platforms, 

Threads has an algorithm or method for filtering and displaying content to users. It’s why you might often see content related to a book genre or specific author you enjoy. Similar to Twitter/X’s or Instagram's algorithm, you can train the Threads algorithm to show you posts about particular topics. When using the Threads app, you can train your algorithm to show you posts related to books, authors, and publishing by:

  • following book-related accounts 

  • engaging with posts about books 

  • posting content related to books and writing 

  • using the specific tag "Bookthreads" to connect your posts to publishing topics 

How can authors use Bookthreads? 

If you’re an author wondering, “How can I use Bookthreads?”, here’s how: 

1. Cultivate community

Many authors have been using Bookthreads to form communities and connect with other authors. Building a community of authors within Threads allows you to find support, ask questions, share experiences, and feel understood and supported through the publishing process. You can also make genuine friendships with other authors that can provide future benefits. By creating a community in your genre, you can lean on this community to help support and promote your books.

2. Assist in discovery 

Like any other social media platform, Threads can help potential readers discover your author brand or book. You can increase your visibility by consistently posting and using relevant tags like Bookthreads. Remember that the posts that bring you more discovery won't be solely about your book but also about you as an author. Readers like to connect with the person behind the book, so sharing authentic and engaging content about yourself can make readers more inclined to buy your book.

3. Seek advice 

Bookthreads provides a space for authors to ask for advice and opinions from other authors and readers. Whether you need help with character names, figuring out technical aspects of publishing, or discussing the value of PR boxes, Bookthreads is a platform where you can ask questions and get insights from experienced authors. Utilize this space to gather your fellow authors' opinions, ideas, and support.

Final Thoughts

Bookthreads is an excellent platform for authors to explore, make connections, ask questions, share insights, and build a like-minded community of authors. While this is true, know that joining Threads is not mandatory to become a successful author. If you already feel overwhelmed with social media or prefer other platforms, there's no pressure to add Threads into the mix. But if you have the capacity and enjoy the style of Threads, it can be a valuable addition to your author platform.

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