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Book Rockstar Soundcheck

Next LIVE class dates: July 26-Aug 16

Looking to start building your author brand before your book launch? Join Aryn in the LIVE class where she'll teach you the best practices for authors looking to grow an audience.

Book Rockstar Soundcheck could be for you if:

  • You've written or are planning to write a book and want to build up an audience of future readers

  • You're struggling with creating content that connects with your target reader

  • You aren't sure how to optimize your profiles and/or content for social media

  • You don't know how to build out email sequences and automations

  • You are hesitant to put yourself out there on social media and email 

If any of these points sound like you, you are not alone! Social media and email are my MOST asked about topics and what authors tell me they need help with the most. 

So, what is Book Rockstar Soundcheck and what does it include?

It is a LIVE 4-week class where we'll cover...

1: How to clarify and hone in your messaging so you're talking to the right audience on social media and sending emails that are meaningful.

2: How to determine which social platforms are for you, what types of content you should be creating for social media, and best practices for content creation.

3: How to grow your email list, best practices for automations and how to set them up, how to utilize sequencing to get your message across, and what to actually send to your email list. 

4: How mindset can be the #1 roadblock to growing your audience, and what you can do to take off your author hat and put on your marketer hat.

Each week there will be:

  • 1 live class (60-90 mins) where Aryn will walk through the material, share easy-to-follow tutorials, and more

  • A homework assignment to ensure you're taking the right steps to build the foundation for your platform

  • "Office hours" where you can ask questions about your homework assignments and work through areas you're getting stuck


The goal is that you are walking out of this class with clear direction on what content you should be sharing, how to best share it, optimized social pages, and also with email systems built out and ready to start growing your list.


If you're ready to get clear on how to grow your online platform and connect with your readers, this class is for you!  

Next class schedule:

  • ​Week 1: July 26, 2023

  • Week 2: August 2, 2023

  • Week 3: August 9, 2023

  • Week 4: August 16, 2023

All live classes will be held at 12 pm Eastern

Have more questions about the class? Send us an email by clicking here.

Book Rockstar Soundcheck: $650 USD

Thanks for joining the class! Check your email for next steps.

About the Instructor

Hi, I'm Aryn, founder of Book Rockstar!

I am a book marketing specialist who has worked on more than 100 book launches, including multiple New York Times bestsellers. I've worked with both Big-5 Publishers and independent authors on creating unique marketing strategies that rock. 

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