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4-Day Reels for Authors Training

Authors: have you ever thought any of the following?


  • I want expand my reach on Instagram

  • I'm intrigued by Reels but wouldn't know where to start with creating one

  • I know I should be posting Reels but I don't know what I'd share


If you resonate with any of these statements, I created the Reels for Authors training for you.


In this training course you'll receive four video tutorials that teach you:


  1. The most basic way to create and share a Reel

  2. How to set up your profile to use trending music

  3. How to find tending audio and use it to create your own video

  4. How to create a Reel without showing your face (because we all have those days...)


In these videos I'm sharing my phone screen so you can see exactly what you need to be doing to create your own Reels!


You'll also receive a PDF Guide with ideas and examples of how you can incorporate Reels into your social strategy.


Reels are the best way to get your book and message out in front of new potential readers, and with this 4-day training you will learn the step-by-step process of how to create them. 

Join Reels for Authors!

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About the Instructor

Hi, I'm Aryn, founder of Book Rockstar!

I am a book marketing specialist who has worked on more than 100 titles, including multiple New York Times bestsellers. I've worked with both Big-5 Publishers and independent authors on creating unique marketing strategies that rock. 

Over these next four days I'll walk you through the basics of Reels so you can feel confident about creating your own and reaching more readers!

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